Astigmatism Modification With Cataracts Surgery

steep corneal meridian

What is a clog?


Astigmatism is a typical state of the look that exists when the outer exterior of the cornea or glass and the focus are unpredictable. It is a type of refractive labile type that can be mixed alone or with myopia and hypertension. Its adjustment requires the use of the focus point power of the camera.


Characteristics of astigmatism.


In a cornea or circular approach, the curve is similar to that all things are together. There are two economies when you can use a visible meter for the instructions. One of the most remarkable arches (elector) and the other is the least curved (the most paid)


Typical aquaculture


When two heads are separated 260 degrees, there is conventional astigmatism. A regular district can be completely treated with a barrel-shaped approach. The incredible dominant part of the astigmatic in the snow is simple. Normal afternoons can also be placed, in addition to three types of meridians.




Do not be at any point at the point where two heads are not symmetric, 90 degrees (symmetric). Astigmatism is considered unpredictable. Consistent pathological state. The reason for lenticular astigmatism correction is incorporating the sales force of the corneal epithelial winery, corneal denaturation, corneal scars, and the disease of the visual surface or the previous corneal medical procedures. Unlike normal astigmatism, unpredictable astigmatism cannot be completely rectified by a barrel-shaped approach.


Strategy to rectify astigmatism during the medical procedure.


Toric IOL contrasts with round IOL because it has a variety of forces in several meridians. The appropriate boiler power Toric is built in the eyes and changes to the right pivot to solve the lenticular astigmatism correction of the patient.


Despite the strength of the Toric LIO camera, an additional circular force is added. In the same way, as in any spherical exposure approach, it can be considered as a mixture of a circular approach with a focus of a plane. The central length, the normal EBB cornea and the flow rate and the most current equations of the front camera determine the circular force of Toric IOL. The rounding of the Toric IOL is a similar IOL power that is used in the eye if astigmatism is not modified.


Toric IOL can handle high actions of astigmatism that contrast with LRI and CCRI.


Relaxing limbal incisions


LRI is a subset of astrometric contexts that can solve astigmatism at the time of a medical waterfall procedure. They work straightening the unstable EBBS and cornea flow and allows them to fix snow more roundly.


The LRR can be single or combined, and in most cases that provide more astigmatism therapies, there is a corresponding LRI. LRI can change to corneal geology because the length of the corresponding entry point may be different through the description of sporadic astigmatism.


Clear Corneal Incision CCI for the most pronounced meridian


The deep point of entry of the fundamental state is to be an unstable centre of the cornea that is reduced from the field.




The Focal Points of Toric have the most impossible consequences of the current and the greatest authenticity in long distances can resolve the highest precautionary actions and is generally easy to use. All this technology for astigmatism is considered and has been considered and more reliable with the current progress and calculations considering the accurate surgical estimate.


LRI has a low consistency with the focal points of Toric and the low suitability, which can be used successfully in patients with low underwater levels.


The clear corneal cutting matrix of the steep corneal meridian is the most economical alternative to patients with hydraulic low. However, the most modest smaller cuts were able to survive this alternative because the amount of limited amount can be modified.


A two-step methodology with excimer laser removal is a reseller to treat remaining astigmatism and a spherical error and the cost can be limited anyway.